Quitting smoking can be hard, vaping may help.

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Proposed government regulations are getting in the way.

What the government is proposing.


Banning flavoured vaping products for adults

The government is proposing to ban ALL flavoured vaping products for adults with the exception of Tobacco and Mint. Vaping products have the potential to switch smokers from cigarettes but only if they can meet the needs of individual adult smokers who are seeking to reduce their risk. Since flavoured vaping products were legalized in Canada in 2018, hundreds of thousands of former adult smokers have come to rely on flavoured e-liquid to switch and remain smoke free.

The impact on harm reduction.

Everyone is different, and each individual smokers use of vaping products is just as different. There is now significant evidence that flavoured vapour products with nicotine are likely to increase the chances of quitting successfully compared to nicotine gum or patches. Limiting flavoured vaping products for adult smokers will reduce the effectiveness of vaping as a harm reduction program and in turn help less Canadians.

Let’s be clear. Vaping products are
not for Canadian youth.

Minors should not use or have access to vaping products. Vaping products are for current adult smokers only, not youth or non-smokers. We believe governments should focus on the issues of access, enforcement and education.

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Calls for public participation in the government consultation on vaping products is now open. Public consultation allows you to share your concerns directly with the policy makers. Have your voice heard on the benefits of vaping as a harm reduction tool.

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VITA strongly encourages you to use the tool below to respond in your own words. When you do so, in your response please reference that you are responding to the consultation regarding the Order Amending Schedules 2 and 3 to the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act published in the Canada Gazette on June 19th, 2021.

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